Our School Spotlight series showcases what makes our global community so special, shining a light on the individual strengths of our exceptional learning environments and understanding the benefits of being part of our wider community. July’s Spotlight falls on the outstanding Instituto GayLussac, Brazil.  

Instituto GayLussac is located in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The name GayLussac is a tribute to Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac, the French physicist. We opened in 1954, as a pre-university course and, at that time, we were already leaders in academic outcomes. We are among the 50 best schools in the country – according to ENEM -, seeking new methods that solidify knowledge and attitudes, with a sense of responsibility and respect for ethical principles. We joined Cognita in 2014.

The school community is committed and engaged with the school’s pedagogical project. Our mission is to promote an education that involves a solid formation of values that develop our students into exceptional citizens and guide them with historically constructed knowledge. For this reason, we involve our students in various projects with the surrounding community that aim to put into practice principles such as empathy, solidarity, social and environmental responsibility, contributing to a holistic education.

We were the first school in Niterói to participate in the UNESCO Associated Schools Programme – for over 23 years. The Programme connects more than 12,000 schools in 182 countries around a common goal to build peace in the minds of children and young people. We are committed to building a culture of peace, sustainable development and human rights, as we steward the next generation of leaders.

What makes Instituto GayLussac special is our commitment to delivering what we promise! Innovation and technology play a major role in the school environment and in our students’ learning. Hands-on experiences, flipped classroom, innovative methodologies and STEAM proposals are part of the GayLussac experience for students. Our pedagogical proposal is put into practice by a high quality team.

Our school is a welcoming place with the highest standards of safeguarding that offer young people the opportunity to grow. Here, tradition and innovation go hand in hand, making it a cutting-edge school leaving a great impact on education.

Language study opens doors to a globalised world and expands cultural capital. That is why we offer programmes and courses that immerse our school community in multilingual education with Mandarin, Spanish, English and Italian learning.

In the English Language projects – Bilingual Forever, Middle School and High School – we have created a path of English immersion programmes throughout Basic Education so that students are in truly stimulating environments. We have been able to simulate the essence of living abroad within our school space. All this with the international certification of the University of Cambridge.

Instituto GayLussac proudly received the Azoilda Loretto da Trindade Award and the Minha Cor tem Valor Seal. As the only private school in Niterói to receive the award and the seal, we were honoured to have our initiatives that promote anti-racist education in the school curriculum recognised.

One key benefit of being a part of Cognita’s global community is undoubtedly the increased internationalisation of GayLussac and our connection with schools around the world. Sharing knowledge and connecting with over 100 schools helps to inspire our students to become change makers and future leaders in a rapidly evolving world.