Academic Excellence

Our definition of excellence

Our schools around the world are all individual. But they share one common characteristic: excellence. What do we mean by that? Grades are absolutely part of it. If you know one thing about us, it’s that we deliver academic results.

But grades only form part of the picture.

We believe in all-round excellence. And all-round students. We use evidence-based teaching practices and rich learning experiences to develop our learners socially and emotionally as well as cognitively. So they’ll develop a positive attitude that helps them not just to survive, but to thrive.

To open that door? Cognita is the key.

We don't just talk the talk

We get results. We're proud that our students across the world consistently achieve excellent grades as you can see from our 2023 highlights below.
But it's not just about results. We're getting our students ready for life.

University destinations

Our students progress to over half of the world's top universities, including:

Our curricula

We teach 12 different curricula across over 100 schools, including:

We teach in eight different languages.

Powered by language

Language learning is a very strong part of our offering. In addition to providing a wide range of languages for our students to learn as part of their curriculum, we offer bilingual programmes in many of our schools. We also run our own language acquisition program, the Preparatory Course for Secondary School (PCS).

Students will learn to speak, read, write and listen in English through their own bespoke curriculum. It’s combining language and wellbeing so our students won’t just succeed, they’ll thrive.

Our PCS program is available at Stamford American International School Singapore, Australian International School Singapore (SAIS) and International School Ho Chi Minh City. And the results speak for themselves. In 2023 alone, more than 30 students from the PCS program graduated from SAIS with excellent IB Diploma Programme results.

Our commitment to quality

Each Cognita school has a commitment to quality. To measure this, Cognita schools engage in a range of internal and external quality assurance processes that support each school to continually improve. These processes range from self-evaluation linked to the school's bespoke improvement plan and Peer Reviews where leaders evaluate another Cognita school, through to engaging with one or more external organisations that provide Quality Assurance through inspection, accreditation or authorisation.

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