Our School Spotlight series showcases what makes our global community so special, shining a light on the individual strengths of our exceptional learning environments and understanding the benefits of being part of our wider community. We proudly introduce this month’s School Spotlight; Colegio Pumahue Huechuraba in Chile.

With more than 20 years of experience, Colegio Pumahue Huechuraba stands out for the development of well-rounded students, identifying their abilities and potential, so that they can always give the best of themselves, being responsible citizens in a challenging global world.

As a school we consistently invite our community to continue to trust our experience, we maintain open and effective communication with our families at all times, as the work of educating begins at home. Therefore it is essential that we are aligned to ensure that our students are leaders in their learning and value development. In our community, parents and guardians are the ones who give us active feedback on the things we are doing right, generating a partnership between our families and the school.

As a school, over the years we have managed to strengthen our academic standards and the acquisition of English as a second language, bringing us ever closer to our vision of being a benchmark in education, as reflected in standardised evaluations applied in our country. We also continue to focus on more than academics, through CAMPUR and our programme of Development of Inspiring Leaders (DLI), we provide the opportunity to strengthen competencies associated with leadership, the expression of ideas, the sense of belonging, collaborative work, mutual respect and of course, a healthy school coexistence. All this with our already established culture of care, guarantees the safety and wellbeing of all our students.

In May, the “Cambridge Primary Global Perspectives Fair, South America” took place. We participated as a school, with 6th grade bilingual students and their Social Studies teacher; Miss Evelyn Sagredo. This is a unique and transformative programme that helps students at all stages of school education to develop excellent transferable skills, including critical thinking, research and collaboration.

The project involved conducting research into how the Republic of Chile was formed and what external factors affected it. Students Isabella Boldrini, Ema Cheuquepán, Monserrat Farfán and Pierina García were the course representatives to present their project at the Global Fair. Together, they created a brilliant presentation for the day. They excelled by speaking fluent English and answering questions from the panellists.

Every day our students make a positive impact on the community. In May, the Road Safety Brigaders were featured on national television as guests at the official School Brigaders’ Day parade. As part of our value education programme, we carried out beautiful CAMPUR Projects. I would like to highlight the Secondary A project, called “Anxiety Management”, which offers students strategies to manage feelings of anxiety; the 7th grade project “Financial Education in Your Hands”, where activities were organised where parents gave talks on the basic concepts related to the wellbeing and health of the family and personal economy; and the 4th grade project, where talks on cyberbullying were coordinated and carried out.

Being part of Cognita has allowed us to work collaboratively both locally and globally, to be open to constructive criticism and feedback, learning from our own practices and the constant generation of ideas, openness to change and innovation.

We have full confidence in the dedication of our teams, of our teachers, their proactivity and vocation, their commitment to their growth and professional development, particularly in the use of new technologies applied to the deep learning of our students.

We seek every day that our students feel calm and happy in their school, self-confident and empowered to successfully achieve their goals and purposes, for this we have established and constantly improved a culture of care to ensure the safety and welfare of each of the members of our great institution.