Enrichment Opportunities

From learning history to making it

A Cognita education goes far beyond the classroom. We’re setting our students up with the agency, adaptability and positive attitudes they’ll need to grow, thrive and succeed in a rapidly evolving world.

We know that everyone learns differently. So our educators work hard to give our students multiple ways to learn. Whether it’s field trips, excursions or other programmes, we’re helping our students to build critical life skills and create memorable experiences.

Here’s what life looks like beyond the classroom at Cognita.

Our world of discovery

Our world of discovery

Camp Asia

While all of these ALG programmes run in Europe, we use the same expertise in Camp Asia.

Camp Asia in Singapore keeps students busy with exciting, activity-based camps during school holidays. This year, over 6,000 students visited their the 23 camps which is the highest turnout yet.

And it’s no surprise, when students can try out robotics, football, drones and Super Chef. And we’re now looking to expand throughout the region.

Student Exchange Programmes

Step out of your comfort zone and become more empathetic and better prepared to embrace the diversity of our world on a student exchange programme. For five weeks, international and UK school students swap lives and experience school, outdoor activities and culture in a different country.

The results? Students who can think beyond their local context, and exposure to a whole range of fresh ideas and experiences that build bonds, relationships and character.

More than 600 students and over 50 accompanying teachers have taken part and are seeing the benefits since we launched the programme back in 2014.


ENRICH ME brings market-leading enrichment provisions to Cognita schools in Dubai, leading to an even higher quality learning experience for our students.

This inclusive offering is designed to be fun and engaging for all our learners, whilst also developed to drive high-performing students to achieve professional results.

After a successful start with football and swimming, the programme has been extended to include netball, performing arts and music.

Oxford Certificates Programme

We partner with Worcester College, Oxford one of the most historic colleges at the University of Oxford, to give 15+ year-old students the opportunity to live and learn at the college. Every year, we have cutting-edge courses, taught by tutors from Oxford and Cambridge.

And why not taste a little of the culture while you’re there? If you sign up to the enrichment programme you’ll experience cultural talks, visits and activities too. You get a certificate from Worcester College when you complete the academic or enrichment programme.

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