The importance of wellbeing

At Cognita, we have understood the importance of wellbeing as part of a holistic education for many years, introducing Global Be Well Day in 2019 and our Be Well Charter in 2020.

We define wellbeing as the sense of feeling content: socially, emotionally and physically thriving. It’s the cornerstone of a happy and healthy life.

That’s why we prioritise learning about physical and mental wellbeing. So that our students can learn to manage their own wellbeing and the wellbeing of others now and in the future.

Six steps to wellness

Our Be Well Charter is a six-step formula for lifelong health, which is based on global research. It outlines three main contributors each to physical and mental wellbeing.

Watch our video animation to find out more.

Global Be Well Day

Student wellbeing is our priority 365 days of the year, all around the world. It’s integrated into everything we teach. Every day.

In September, everything stops for one day.

Global Be Well Day is a special opportunity for everyone in the Cognita community to focus on the importance of wellbeing as individuals, schools and a global family. Because physical and mental health are essential for a bright future.

Take a look at all the amazing activities that took place on our fifth Global Be Well Day last year.

Student care and wellbeing survey

Only our students know how well we’re supporting their wellbeing.
And so we ask them.

Every year, students aged 7+ take part in a Voice of the Student Survey to help us celebrate success and drive further improvement. We make sure we’re helping them to eat, exercise, sleep, connect and live well. And we make sure we’re delivering on the caring principles in our Be Well Charter.

The student care and wellbeing survey is not a test and there are no wrong answers.
It just helps us to make sure we’re constantly improving.

Wellbeing in our digital world

In 2023, we published our own Be Well Digital report - How to empower digital agency in students, with students, for students - which combines views from 13-18 year old students with insights from top global experts in digital wellbeing from Harvard, the University of Cambridge and the Digital Wellness Institute.

Written by student wellbeing expert, Beth Kerr, it calls upon an action-led response from educators, parents and those working in the technology sector to drive a movement towards digital agency in support of overall student wellbeing. 

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