Our Owners

Our Shared Vision

Everything we do is to improve the quality of education for our students.

And growth is an important part of that. Because by growing, we open up the door to fresh knowledge and opportunities for everyone in the Cognita family.

Our owners are critically important to that success.

And we’re aligned and agreed on the way ahead, in these long-term partnerships.

Jacobs Holding AG

Our majority owner is Jacobs Holding AG, a global investment firm based in Switzerland that looks after the interests of the Jacobs family.

Education and the development of young people have always played an important role for Jacobs and are at the heart of the Jacobs Foundation, the sole economic beneficiary of the firm’s investments. One of the world’s leading charitable foundations, the Jacobs Foundation works to sustainably support future generations by improving their developmental opportunities, thus enabling them to become socially responsible members of society.

Our owners naturally share our passion for improving young people’s lives. And together, we are working on a bright, brilliant and growing future for our schools, students and teachers.

BDT & MSD Partners and Sofina

Our two minority owners are BDT Capital Partners (an affiliate of BDT & MSD Partners) and Sofina.

BDT Capital Partners is a long-term private equity fund. Sofina is a family-controlled investment company that supports entrepreneurs and families who lead growing companies.

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