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We wouldn’t have amazing schools without amazing students. We can tell you about how we give our students a high-quality and holistic education that helps them thrive in the world. But why not hear it from them?

Meet Natasha (Alumnus)

Valedictorian, Class of 2022 at Stamford American International School, Singapore

"At Stamford American, I was able to try out AP courses in different subject areas to figure out which subjects interested me. The personal attention given to each student is one of the unique features of SAIS.

Everyone has their own interests and goals, and the faculty and academic counselling team have worked with each of us personally to find a path that fits our needs.

I’m currently attending UC Berkeley to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Biology, and a Bachelor of Arts in music as well. My ultimate goal is to use my education and passion for the sciences to make a difference, whether it’s in medical practice or medical research."

Meet Rochan (Student)

Student at CHIREC International School, India

Rochan is an exceptional student, who recently showcased a presentation at the United Nations. He initiated Project Sapient, an initiative to raise money to empower visually impaired students in Hyderabad, India.

Going beyond conventional education, the project enhances language and public speaking skills, impacting over 300 students at the Devnar School for the Blind.

Meet Rabi (Alumnus)

Alumni at The British School of Barcelona, Spain

Rabi shares his exciting journey since leaving BSB, including earning a BA in International Relations from SOAS and an MA in International Political Economy from King's College London. He is now beginning his career at the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) in Geneva, an organisation within the UN that trains diplomats.

Meet Farida (Alumnus)

2023 Graduate from Southbank International School, United Kingdom

"Having been a student at Southbank since Grade 10, one of the things I enjoy most about Southbank is the international community. All of the different cultures, languages, and experiences you hear of from everyone in this community; that's something that is really valuable to me.

I'd like to give a special mention to the support system at Southbank, to my advisor and all the teachers who have guided me, advised me and listened at any time."

Meet Jaithra (Alumnus)

Class of 2022 at Stamford American International School, Singapore

"I have grown tremendously as a person in my three years at Stamford American. Not only have I met friends for life and gained many teachable moments and experiences, but I have also managed to discover and focus on my passion for design.

The teachers have been amazing and instrumental in how I see my future, as they have supported and encouraged me in my development in design all along the way. As a result, I will be studying at Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver, BC, Canada and hope to major in Industrial Design."

Meet Andrea (Alumnus)

2020 Graduate from The British School of Barcelona (BSB), Spain

"I'm currently studying Law and Global Governance at ESADE, Barcelona. Since graduating from BSB in 2020, I've had the opportunity to travel around the world visiting different universities and institutions on study programs, and the one thing I'm always reminded of is how grateful I am for my time in school.

Aside from showing me the power of diversity and international openness, my years at school taught me a set of technical and interpersonal skills, such as critical thinking, active listening and ambitious learning, that have taken me to work with the Inter-American System of Human Rights in Costa Rica, and to land an internship in one of the most prestigious Competition Law firms in Brussels."

Meet Alexia (Student)

Student at Colegio Olinca, Mexico

Alexia has studied at Colegio Olinca since Kindergarten and now aspires to attend an Ivy League college. Alexia feels her emotional intelligence and wellbeing have been nurtured and strengthened thanks to the holistic education offered at Olinca.

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