Teacher Stories

Our inspiring classroom leaders

When we look back on our time at school, one of the things we remember most clearly are our teachers. You’re the ones who inspire, encourage and challenge our students, so they can thrive. That’s why we invest in you.

Why Cognita?

You never stop learning

We have excellent opportunities for professional development and leadership training, like our UCL Team Fellowship programme. And we’ve got the tools and resources to support your teaching career.

Be part of something bigger

You’ll be joining a global staffroom of over 18,000 colleagues from more than 100 schools, giving you an incredible opportunity to connect and learn. This is supported by global events like our School of the Future conference.

Happy teachers, happy students

Just as we support our students, we support our teachers. Because your progress is just as important. One of the ways we do this is by offering you a stable and secure career with opportunities to learn and develop, at every stage of your teaching journey.

Meet Bhavneet Kaur

IB & IGCSE Facilitator for Economics and Business Management at CHIREC International School, India

Meet Miriana Giampetruzzi

Primary Teacher at Florence Bilingual School, Italy

"The experience of working at my school is inspirational. The atmosphere fosters effective teaching and collaboration but also promotes a genuine connection among students and colleagues. It instils a spirit of cooperation, making the work enjoyable and allowing everyone to contribute to a collective goal of academic excellence and personal growth. This conducive setting enables me to unlock my full potential and share it with my students and colleagues.

From my perspective, the benefits of being part of the Cognita Community stem from feeling an integral force in a shared pursuit. This community unites individuals all collaborating with passion towards the same goal."

Meet Tim Holford

Year 4 Teacher at St. Andrews International School Dusit, Thailand

"Working at St. Andrews, Dusit is like finding your favourite spot in a bustling city. A genuine sense of community and collaborative spirit creates an educational hive in which staff are open to sharing ideas and resources, making the environment as fun and exciting for the children as possible.

Being a part of and supported by the Cognita network has provided me with opportunities for tailored professional development. Through Cognita, I have been able to leverage my background as a research engineer and scientist to coordinate new innovations and best practices in science education here at Dusit. Cognita has given me the skills and platform to apply my strengths where they are best suited.

As we navigate each individual's educational journey, our shared commitment is clear: to prepare children for a future of limitless possibilities. It is in this shared dedication to the students that my journey at St. Andrews and Cognita finds its meaning."

Meet Nicole Glisson

Positive Education Coordinator at Australian International School, Singapore

Firmly believing in prevention over cure, especially for mental health and thriving, Nicole embraced the role of Positive Education Coordinator at AIS in Singapore. Her mission is to inspire and elevate students to be their best, rain or shine.

 "I've always believed that everyone has the potential to grow through the sunny days and the rain. As Positive Education Coordinator, I aim to build wellbeing literacy, increase awareness, and provide a toolbox of positive tools so students can enhance their capacity to thrive."

For 2024, Nicole is excited to introduce AIS Mental Fitness Training (MFT), a tailored blend of Positive Education and bespoke wellbeing strategies for each year level. Her goal is to empower students with a diverse set of strategies, understanding their benefits, and giving them the agency to implement these tools independently.

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