Holistic Education

Our definition of Holistic Education

The difference a holistic education makes is everything.

It blends social, emotional, physical and cognitive learning.

Our students have a strong academic foundation to support their future. And they’ll be positive, adaptable and feel that they can do anything in the world.

A Cognita Education
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Holistic Education at Cognita

We highlight five of the main components of a holistic education at our schools.

Take an A grade education. And multiply it.

We have three foundations for learning at Cognita. Agency, Adaptability, Positive Attitudes. We call them the A³ because applied together, their power is multiplied. Combined with successful academic outcomes, these qualities are the basis and aspiration of absolutely everything we do:


Our students will feel they can take control of their own lives and make a positive difference to themselves and others. They’ll be decisive and able to set their own goals, as well as taking responsibility for their decisions and actions. Agency supports and sustains students throughout their whole lives. And it makes them an asset in their communities.


No matter what life throws at our students, they’ll be able to adjust, and thrive, in response to changing circumstances. Being flexible, open-minded, and resilient in the face of new challenges is essential for every environment and stage of life. It’s never been more important than in the fast-changing world of today. But no matter what happens, this confidence and flexibility is futureproof.

Positive Attitudes

Everyone’s heard the question about the glass being half-empty or half-full. For Cognita students, we want it to always feel half-full. Going into life with a constructive and optimistic attitude means it’s easier to dig in, that life’s challenges feel a little simpler and relationships are made that much stronger.

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