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Parent webinar: how to make screen time and technology work for your family

Video: practical tips for parents during school closure

Family wellbeing during school closures

Video: wellbeing tips for parents during school closure


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Podcast: Challenging Education

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Video tips for live online sessions with young learners

Challenging Education podcast

What are the challenges facing global education today? How can we challenge established practice to achieve better outcomes and wellbeing for our students and for ourselves as educators? Our podcast explores latest thinking on the issues that matter most for education. Co-hosted by Cognita’s Group Education Director Simon Camby and Group Wellbeing Director Beth Kerr, Challenging Education draws on viewpoints across the world.

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A Cognita education

Our schools provide a uniquely global education that goes beyond grades to develop all-round academic excellence – building resilient minds and encouraging positive, international perspectives.

Underpinning this is ‘The Cognita Way’ – six focal points we know to be present in the most successful schools: energised leadership, personalised learning, people growth, community, innovation and brilliant basics.

Learn more about our educational framework by watching this video.

About Cognita schools

Launched in 2004, Cognita is an extraordinary family of diverse yet connected schools, spanning ten different countries. We share one common purpose: to create an inspiring world of education that builds self-belief and empowers individuals to succeed. With 77 schools in Europe, Latin America and Asia, we employ 7,500 teaching and support staff in the care and education of more than 50,000+ students.

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