Global and Social Action

Kind students become kind people

Our students aren’t just a part of our schools. They’re a part of local and global communities. So we want to help them foster empathy through their learning and show them how they can help others.

That’s why social issues and global challenges are part of our curriculum. Our service-learning projects, community initiatives and volunteering opportunities all encourage students to give back to their communities. And make a positive impact.

They’ll learn ethical decision making, respect for diversity and sustainable practices. So by the time they leave school, they’ll be ready to take action and solve problems.

A part of something bigger

It’s not just about what’s on our doorstep. We’re preparing our students to be global citizens. And we want to make sure they’re ready. So our curriculum involves diverse perspectives, challenging stereotypes and encouraging critical thinking.

Our students will tackle social justice issues, sustainability and human rights on a local and global scale.

And if they can understand and appreciate different perspectives early on, they’ll be ready to thrive in our diverse world.

Examples from our global community

Throughout 2023, Cognita schools supported 500+ unique causes, devoting 1,600,000+ hours to charitable work and raising £400,000+. This included 450+ occasions where schools supported local charities and 180+ occasions where schools supported charities operating overseas.

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