Our School Spotlight series showcases what makes our global community so special, shining a light on the individual strengths of our exceptional learning environments and understanding the benefits of being part of our wider community. We proudly introduce this month’s School Spotlight; Australian International School, Singapore. 

Three Decades of Educational Excellence

 Being one of Singapore’s most well-established educational institutions, the Australian International School (AIS) has been the preferred choice for families for three decades. Our journey began with just 32 students and 7 teachers in a rented house, but today, we proudly reside in a purpose-built, cutting-edge campus that over 2500 students from more than 50 different countries proudly call their educational home. Throughout our evolution, AIS has remained at the core of our continuously growing and diverse community.

Like Australia – a diverse country of First Nations peoples and immigrants – the school has families and students from throughout the world. That’s something to nurture and champion as the students graduate and build their lives and careers internationally.

—  Allaster Cox, Australian High Commissioner to Singapore

A Unified Community: AIS’s Unique Strength

The AIS community is a vibrant and tightly-knit family of students, educators, staff, and parents who share a deep sense of togetherness and support. It’s a community where smiles, collaboration, and a passion for learning are part of our daily fabric. Beyond the classrooms, our community spirit shines brightly during special events such as the annual Global Festival, sports tournaments and school picnics.

30th Anniversary Ball September 2023

What makes AIS unique? Our community is passionate about the school and seizes every opportunity to come together in support of the students, staff, and one another. This was best exemplified during our recent 30th-anniversary celebrations. ”

– Karrie Dietz, Head of School

Preparing Students for Global Universities

AIS offers an exceptional holistic educational experience, providing a diverse range of international curricula to cater to students’ needs throughout their educational journey. AIS is authorised to offer the International Baccalaureate Primary Years and Diploma programs, the Australian Curriculum, Cambridge IGCSEs, and Vocational Education Training. AIS boasts a robust track record of academic excellence, empowering students on their path from school to their preferred global universities. AIS graduates have secured admissions to prestigious global universities, including the Russel Group of Australian Universities like the University of Melbourne, Sydney Australian National University, Ivy League institutions in the United States such as Stanford, the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom, and the National University of Singapore. This success is firmly grounded in the school’s steadfast commitment to academic well-being.

Dr. Simon Camby, Director of Education at Cognita, emphasised, “Expectations at AIS are driven by the concept of value-add. From our youngest learners in infant care to our soon-to-be Year 12 graduates, their progress and potential are not merely tracked but actively leveraged by our dedicated teachers to ensure that AIS adds the utmost value to each student’s educational journey. This value-added approach earned AIS the esteemed recognition of Best International School in Singapore, awarded by a panel of international educational experts.”

AIS Curriculum Pathways

Nurturing Artistic Talents: Music, Drama, and Visual Arts

AIS Mission: To empower our students to realise their full potential through exceptional opportunities within a nurturing community, equipping them to thrive in life and make a positive impact. To remain true to our mission, the school provides opportunities both inside and outside the classroom to nurture the interests and passions of our students.

Arts education takes centre stage at AIS. Many students are inspired during music lessons to pick up an instrument and then join one of the numerous ensembles or bands, performing for the entire community—a common pathway for AIS students. Major dramatic productions are a highlight of the AIS calendar. Students have the chance to perform, work backstage, design sets, or manage the technical aspects of the show, giving them the opportunity to explore all aspects of staging a major production.

As you explore AIS, you’ll encounter the results of our incredibly strong and creative visual arts department. From mixed media to digital art and everything in between, our students’ talents are proudly displayed throughout the school.

 Fostering Sportsmanship: Athletics at AIS

At AIS, sports are an integral part of our educational experience, both inside and outside the classroom. Our commitment to physical fitness and well-rounded development is exemplified by our students who have achieved remarkable feats in the world of sports. From students qualifying for Australian National swimming titles to representing Singapore in touch football, our spirited AIS Sharks compete passionately against other schools across the region in over 15 sports, fostering camaraderie and sportsmanship. At AIS, we believe in providing many opportunities for our students to excel athletically and experience a range of sporting opportunities ensuring they develop as well-rounded individuals.

Enriching Education through Cognita

Being part of Cognita is a tremendous advantage for AIS, enriching our educational community in various ways. One of the primary benefits is access to an extensive network of resources, enabling us to continually enhance the educational experience we offer our students. Through collaboration and resource-sharing with fellow Cognita schools, we tap into a wealth of innovative teaching materials, cutting-edge technologies, and best practices in education. This collaborative spirit and commitment to excellence are what make AIS a thriving and dynamic institution, constantly striving for educational innovation and the holistic development of our students. The opportunity for staff to move between Cognita schools is of real value.

Karrie Dietz, Head of School, shares, “AIS staff have welcomed promotion opportunities in various Cognita schools around the globe. My own personal leadership journey has taken me through three Cognita schools.”