We are thrilled to announce our partnership with CNN International for their global Call to Earth Day initiative, scheduled for 28 November 2023. This initiative is a celebration of our planet’s intrinsic value and the collective responsibility to protect it.

Launched by CNN in 2019, Call to Earth spotlights individuals, organisations and schools, dedicated to safeguarding our planet for future generations. Our passionate students have enthusiastically joined this cause, championing sustainability, and addressing crucial environmental issues within their local communities.

We are excited to introduce two student-led projects in collaboration with CNN for 40 of our schools worldwide. The first project involves CNN content creators working with our schools to guide students in producing impactful environmental video reports. This unique collaboration will empower our students to become effective communicators of environmental concerns.

Additionally, our younger students have been busy creating artwork that vividly conveys why they believe our planet is worth protecting. Their creative expressions serve as a powerful reminder of the importance of sustainability.

Commenting on the partnership, Dr Simon Camby, Cognita’s Group Chief Education Officer, said: “Thank you to CNN International for working with our students on such an important and meaningful topic. This initiative combines skills such as the use of research, structure, and clarity of thought with the opportunity for our students to develop their sense of agency and social responsibility. By highlighting the main issues of today, our students can initiate change for tomorrow.”

Hannah Wright, a teacher supporting Year 6 students at The British School of Barcelona with their Call to Earth Day projects, shares: “This project has proven invaluable to our students, offering a unique learning experience that extends far beyond the classroom. The breadth of their chosen topics has been impressive, with some students shedding light on the dire consequences and causes of a terrible drought plaguing their local area. Air pollution, the endangered Iberian lynx, and the critically threatened monk seal have also been passionately explored. As they delve into their chosen environmental topics, our students are not just raising awareness but also becoming influential voices advocating for change.”

Learn more about Call to Earth Day here, and join us on 28 November 2023, as we come together to celebrate a planet worth protecting.