Launched in 2012 as ‘Empty Classroom Day’, Outdoor Classroom Day is a global initiative which aims to get young people outside during the school day. Whether it is playing or learning, the initiative encourages children and teachers to embrace the outdoors for a healthier and happier lifestyle. We’re reminding ourselves of the benefits of outdoor learning as part of a holistic education as the team at Active Learning Centres (part of Active Learning Group and our Cognita family) explains a little more about the day.

Falling on two days during the year – with the first having been in May – this year’s second Outdoor Classroom Day is being held on Thursday 3rd November.

Teaching beyond the classroom

Not everything can be taught in a classroom. There are skills, lessons and ideas that require new environments and a change of scenery. Active Learning Centres (ALC) recently explored the benefits of outdoor learning in a previous blog, which highlights many ways in which being outdoors is a great addition to day-to-day classroom activities – from improvements in concentration and focus to new and engaging ways of learning through play and experience.

By taking teaching outside of the classroom, students experience a fun and memorable type of lesson that will aid their existing curriculum as well as introduce them to new concepts and encourage new ways of thinking.

Learning about the environment, in the environment

Getting people involved in outdoor learning and interacting with nature from a young age helps instil a sense of adventure and understanding of the outdoors which can last a lifetime. Teaching in new environments is a great way to educate on things that can’t always be taught in the classroom, and one of these things is an appreciation of nature.

Getting young people outdoors will help shape the way they see and understand the natural world around them – learning about human impact on the environment and the role we have in protecting it will resonate more when immersed in it.

ALC approach

At Active Learning Centres, we believe the outdoors is an incredible place to learn new things, explore and appreciate nature. We take pride in the outdoor learning opportunities across our centres, where adventurous activities in the outdoors are central in our approach to support the growth and development of young people.

For more information about the outdoor learning experiences available at Active Learning Centres, visit their website.