Four colleagues from Asia and Latin America have been appointed to the role of digital learning adviser (DLA), with Craig Lamshed, Principal at Royal Grammar School Guildford Dubai representing our Middle East region until a new DLA is appointed next year. 

This means that each Cognita region has an EdTech representative for schools advising on how best to use technology in the classroom to support teachers and students:

Adam Torrens (Asia) – Adam Torrens is now the EdTech Programme Manager for Asia which incorporates the role of DLA. Originally from Queensland in Australia, Adam joined Cognita in January 2012 when he joined Stamford American International School in Singapore.  

Janaina Fenato (Brazil) – Before becoming DLA for Brazil, Janaina Fenato was teaching, making and tinkering projects with technology in Brazilian schoolsShe has been working for the Maxi group since 2002 and loves technology and education. She is looking forward to exchanging experiences and learning from DLAs around the world.  

Cristóbal Cristi (Chile) – Cristóbal Cristi used to teach Technology and Digital Literacy in primary school levels, and he was also a Foreign Language Teacher at Pumahue Chicureo in Santiago. He joins Valeria in Chile and aims to provide teachers with the necessary tools and encouragement to become proficient citizens in the new digital world. 

Valeria Capetillo (Chile) – Before becoming DLA for Chile, Valeria Capetillo worked teaching robotics at public schools and charities. She joins Cognita in 2019 to co-teach at the Early Year’s bilingual programme and teach technology to primary and secondary levels at Colegio Pumahue Puerto Montt; she is looking forward to helping teachers to dive into this digital journey and make the most of it by learning from DLAs around the globe.  

Andy Perryer and Sabrina Espasandin (Europe) – In Europe, Andy Perryer, Sabrina Espasandin and their teams will continue working together on a unified EdTech strategy to support schools in the coming years.