Cognita is launching our very own podcast for educators within our global family – and beyond. It goes live on 29 April and you can help shape the discussion.

Called ‘Challenging Education’ and co-hosted by Group Education Director Simon Camby and Group Wellbeing Director Beth Kerr, it will explore the key issues relating to the ‘new reality’ of education now. Over time, our topics will adapt, with the spirit of challenge and innovation being a constant.

Our first podcast 29 April will explore teacher wellbeing and we’re actively seeking your firsthand views on the five points below to help shape the discussion. To feed in, either:

Join the conversation!

  • What are the most difficult challenges you’ve faced in terms of your own wellbeing during Covid-19?
  • What’s been the most unexpected challenge to your wellbeing during Covid-19?
  • What’s THE biggest thing you’re doing to address your wellbeing during Covid-19?
  • Will any changes you’ve made help your wellbeing BEYOND Covid-19?
  • What one thing would improve your wellbeing the most during Covid-19?