Cognita, one of the world’s leading providers of K-12 education with more than 100 schools spanning 16 countries, has announced a strategic partnership with Excella and Repton.

The partnership will bring numerous benefits to the Repton UAE schools, including access to a global network of over 100 Cognita schools and the local network of excellent schools in the UAE.  One of the leading and most diverse schools’ groups in the world, with over 75,000 students and 15,000 staff across five regions, Cognita actively shares expertise, insights, and best practice between its schools – creating quality learning and enrichment opportunities for its students and tailored professional development opportunities for educators. Cognita is also a leading voice on student wellbeing, which is a priority in all its schools worldwide.

The partnership between Cognita, Repton and Excella marks a significant moment in the history of international private education, with the collaboration of three leading organisations set to benefit students, parents and educators alike.