On Friday 27th September, we celebrated our first-ever Global Be Well Day.

Every one of our 75 schools collapsed the curriculum in order to focus solely on wellbeing, with activities and events that involved the entire school community of students, parents and staff.

From whole-school mindfulness sessions in Asia to ‘shake up and wake up’ assemblies in Europe and Zumba workouts in Latin America, each school approached the day in their own way and it was an absolute joy to follow from sunrise in Bangkok to sundown in Santiago.

This video showcases the experience of Global Be Well Day around the world, with each of our schools approaching the day in their own way.

To get a true sense of the breadth of activities and approaches to Global Be Well Day, check out the #CognitaBeWell hashtags on Instagram and Twitter which have been absolutely buzzing with photos, videos and reflections (you don’t even need to have your own social media accounts to view):

#CognitaBeWell on Instagram

#CognitaBeWell on Twitter

As part of  Global Be Well Day 2019, we worked with some of the world’s leading experts on wellbeing to create resources for teachers and parents on the topics of sleep, healthy lifestyle, social media and the brain. You can access all of these resources for free, here