We are proud to report that our entire family of Pumahue Manquecura schools has received Environmental Certification from the Chilean Environment Ministry. These schools have been recognised for their commitment to caring for the environment, and for promoting responsible behaviours among their students.

Our Pumahue Manquecura schools have introduced initiatives that raise awareness of environmental issues and educate students on how they can make a difference by giving them the tools and knowledge necessary to tackle and reduce global pollution. This includes the development of an Ecology & Sustainability programme, school-wide paper recycling and forestation, water and electric efficiency campaigns. Activities such as planting orchards, ‘Green Days’ and recycled-material fashion shows are also a key strand of the schools’ commitment. 

As a global family, all of our schools are thinking globally and acting responsibly. Last year, students from Brazil, Chile, Hong Kong, Singapore, Spain, Thailand and the UK cleaned up their local beaches and waterways as part of the Cognita Global Beach Clean. You can learn more about our Global Beach Clean here.