Cognita students shine in A Level and GCSE outcomes

Around the world, A Level and GCSE students from Cognita schools are celebrating another successful year of exam results.

In Europe, 62% of A Level grades were A*-B and noteworthy achievements were evident across our schools, including:

  • El Limonar International School (ELIS), Murcia in Spain – 56% A*-A
  • Hastings School, Madrid in Spain – 52% A*-A
  • International School Zurich North (ISZN) in Switzerland – 39% A*-A

Congratulations also go to our largest A-level contingent at The British School of Barcelona, Spain, for achieving an impressive 46% grades at A* or A.

In Europe, 41% of GCSEs were graded 7 or above, with standout achievements from:

  • Hydesville Tower School in England – 45% Grade 7 or above
  • Colchester Prep & High School in England – 44% Grade 7 or above
  • North Bridge House Senior in England – 44% Grade 7 or above
  • In Spain, nearly a third (29%) of all grades awarded were an 8 or 9, and spotlights go to ELIS Murcia, British School of Barcelona, and Hastings School, for their outstanding results.

Additionally, in the Middle East, a special mention goes to Repton Abu Dhabi (pictured above) for their 33% A*-A grade, A Level results, and to Horizon International School, Dubai, for their 39% Grade 7 or above, GCSE results.

Dr Simon Camby, Cognita’s Group Chief Education Officer, said:

“Congratulations to our diligent students and dedicated educators for their outstanding achievements this year. As we applaud your exam success, let’s also commemorate the positive attitudes, agency, and adaptability you’ve acquired. These qualities will serve as your compass as you enter the next phase of your journey. While academic excellence is undeniably important, it’s crucial to recognise it as one facet of the bigger picture. Our commitment to holistic education equips you to thrive in your chosen path within our rapidly evolving world, and we are excited to see what your future holds.”


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