Obersee Bilingual School becomes second Swiss school to join Cognita

We are happy to welcome Obersee Bilingual School (OBS) in Switzerland into the Cognita family. OBS is based in Pfäffikon, SZ and currently has just over 360 students.

OBS is renowned for its immersive bilingual programme (German and English) and digitalisation which has been developed with the support of experts in education, psychology, technology, neuroscience, and child development.

Uwe Feuersenger, Managing Director of OBS, explains that Cognita was the ideal partner for this next phase of the school’s history: “OBS and Cognita have a shared vision and conviction that learning in schools must evolve through the comprehensive use of technology and other future-oriented practice and content. Cognita already has good connections to the Swiss education system through Jacobs Holding, whose sole beneficiary is the Jacobs Foundation.”

Stuart Rolland, Cognita’s CEO Europe, adds: “OBS is an exceptional school with an innovative approach. Its focus on future-oriented learning with the support of technology complements our educational vision and we’re delighted to be welcoming OBS into the Cognita family.”


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