Cognita partners with the Confident Child Summit

We’re proud to be partnering with the Confident Child Summit to help young people improve their confidence, resilience and wellbeing.

During this online event, Tuesday 3 – Friday 6 March 2020, some 20 education experts and psychologists will be sharing practical ideas and advice on how to build young people’s self-belief and reduce their anxiety.

They’ll be speaking on topics from silencing the inner critic and dealing with bullies, to teaching the skill of grit and learning about the beauty in awkwardness.

Beth Kerr, our Group Director of Wellbeing will be discussing, ‘The Science of Confident Brains’ with Dr. Hazel Harrison, and ‘Taking the Fear Out of Failure’ with Lorraine Thomas, Chief Executive of The Parent Coaching Academy.

You can see a full list of summit speakers and details of the sessions here, as well as reserve your spot for free.

Empowering our 50,000 students around the world to understand and better maintain their wellbeing is integral to a Cognita Education, providing the all-important foundation that prepares our students for life.


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