Active Learning Group partnership with The Challenger Trust inspires students

Last month, our colleagues at Active Learning Group (ALG) opened their doors to over 775 Year 7 students from disadvantaged backgrounds for two days of fun-filled bushcraft activities in partnership with The Challenger Trust, Chiltern Learning Trust and the Character First social mobility programme. Instructors from ALG’s The Bushcraft Company immersed students in a range of activities designed to inspire, motivate, and strengthen personal development and character.

In the beautiful setting of Boughton Woods in Northamptonshire, UK, students challenged themselves with activities such as fire-lighting and fire-building, camouflage and concealment and shelter building. Working with natural resources to promote new ways of thinking is a great way to promote teamwork, leadership and communication skills, and build confidence, self-esteem and independence.

Charlie Rigby, CEO and Founder of the Challenger Trust, explained: “Giving young people the opportunity to work in environments they may not normally encounter, and with people they may not usually meet, is a superb way to challenge preconceptions and build self-esteem. The bushcraft team at Boughton Woods were first-rate, presenting students with an exceptional experience to remember.”

Pat Milston, Managing Director for ALG’s Active Learning Centres, said: “To be able to host around 800 young people over two days has been an amazing experience for all concerned. The students from the schools involved showed a real enthusiasm for outdoor learning and for many, as their first venture into woodlands, it was truly eye-opening. I hope these two days now prove to be the catalyst for a series of progressive courses that build confidence and stretch the students to achieve in new and challenging environments.”

For more information about The Challenger Trust please click here.

For more information about the Character First initiative please click here.


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