Welcoming the British School of Valencia to Cognita

We are proud to announce that the British School of Valencia has joined the Cognita family of schools and becomes our seventh school in Spain.

The British School of Valencia (BSV) is a British teaching institution for 2 to 18-year-olds, located in the centre of the city of Valencia. Founded in 1992, BSV is a widely recognised school with 880 students of more than 35 different nationalities, with 90 teachers and assistants.

BSV has 36 classrooms and various multi-purpose areas, all fitted out with modern audio-visual equipment, science labs, an arts hall, libraries and two computer labs.

An essential aspect of BSV’s educational project is the learning of languages. In addition to being taught subjects in English, students learn Spanish, and French is taught as a second foreign language in the final stage of primary education.  Students are also given the chance to learn German, Mandarin Chinese and Valencian.

At the end of Year 11, students obtain GCSE qualifications, following the British Education System, as well as the qualification issued by Spanish education authorities for those who have completed their secondary education in Spanish language and culture, and the language of Valencian region. GCE, AS and A Levels are the focus of the final two years of Secondary Education (17-18 years old).

You can find out more about the British School of Valencia on our School Finder.


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