Pingo de Gente & Laviniense, Manaus, Brazil

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Telephone: 3236-0000

R. Galicia, 34 – Aleixo - Manaus - AM, 69060-625

ABOUT Pingo de Gente & Laviniense, Manaus, Brazil

Pingo de Gente & Laviniense is a co-educational school, with a pedagogical approach based on the four pillars of Cognition, Emotion, Action and Innovation. Lead by its dedicated teachers, the school delivers a broad and innovative education to its students.

A pioneering school in the city of Manaus, Pingo de Gente & Laviniense encourages students to have autonomy over their own learning.



Neila Maria dos Santos Amorim Fernandes
General Pedagogical Director

Neila has been at Pingo de Gente & Laviniense ever since the school was established. She initially worked as a teacher, then Coordinator, then Pedagogical Director, becoming General Pedagogical Director in 2017.
She is passionate about education and considered a focused, motivational leader who provides a culture of care and respect among her staff.

Neila Maria dos Santos Amorim Fernandes has a Bachelor's Degree in Education from The Federal University of Amazonas - UFAM, with a specialisation in School Administration and Supervision.

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Ages Taught
2-17 yrs
Brazilian Curriculum
Type of School
Day School
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