Mirasur School

Calle Pablo Gargallo,
1, 28320 Pinto,

+34 91 692 50 89

0-18 yrs
Spanish Curriculum
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Day School
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Very often, parents, school heads and even education professionals that visit Mirasur ask us what fundamental aspect defines our school. Our answer is clear: get to know ourselves, know who we are and what we want.

In Mirasur we have developed our ethos according to our own nature and with a deep sense of who we are. We firmly believe that our purpose as an organization is moral and our commitment is focused on our students and their future. We have learned that educational methodology is not rocket science. We must always put our students and their skills first. All the rest will come by itself.

We understand that there is nothing more important than the ability to have a positive influence on our students’ future so they can, at the same time, do the same in the world. At the moment, we have a pedagogical mission to accomplish this but it will focus on character development in the future.

We live our profession according to our values. Being an educator in Mirasur is not just a mere job, it is a lifestyle. A way to find the meaning of what we do. It is giving out the best of ourselves. Getting to know that we are socially useful. Believing in each of our pupils. Relying on their strengths. Watching over their dreams.

This is the essence of our culture, our values, what defines our roadmap. From these propositions we build up our objectives, our actions and our vision as a school. This is the reason why we investigate the different educational, work and social realities. We need to know about the world and its changes. The challenges that humanity will be facing. Our own planet’s needs. But above all, we aim to know our students. Discover their dreams and take them there so they can develop their inner potential that, for sure, will allow them to build a better world.

Pedro Sampedro

Head Master

Passionate about education and sport, and an entrepreneur in the broadest sense of the word. These three dimensions are the core of Pedro’s personal and professional growth. At the age of 21, he successfully started his first business and since then has always carried out managerial and developmental roles in various different projects. He joined the Colegio Mirasur in 2005 and has been the Director since 2010. Pedro always prefers to talk in the plural and states that he is simply one member of the great team of educators to be found at Mirasur. He considers that the improvement in education is a result of the collective efficiency and commitment of all the people who make up the school. For Pedro, the method is simple – always and above all think about the pupil, and the rest will follow.
Pedro has a degree in Physical Education and a Masters in Multiple and Didactic Intelligences for Innovation. He is also a university expert in emotional learning, has a Masters in High Performance in Sport and is an International Evaluator for the EFQM.

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