Kindergarten, Bilingual School of Florence, Italy

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Telephone: +39 055 495061

Via San Gallo, 105 Firenze, Italy

ABOUT Kindergarten, Bilingual School of Florence, Italy

We are the Italian-English bilingual school of Florence, offering a world-class education to children from the ages of 1 to 18. We give them the opportunity to gain a global perspective and experience a multilingual and multicultural world. Since 1973, we have been offering an exceptional curriculum that values autonomy and focuses on the development of social skills, while giving an international dimension to learning.

From September 2022, we will be opening a new High School and the whole school from Nursery to High School will be known as Florence Bilingual School. Click here to find out more. It will combine our years of teaching excellence at Kindergarten with a contemporary vision of secondary education. We have challenged ourselves to create a school that looks beyond just learning to moulding the leaders of tomorrow.

Our new High School campus on Viale Gramsci will be a ‘pre-university’ experience that will not only enable high grades but fulfil aspirations of world-class universities. The ‘Liceo Linguistico Internazionale’ curriculum of Law, Languages and Economics will blend Italian and European assessment and qualifications with a focus on fluency in Italian and English and a high level of competency in French and Spanish.

The educational approach for Kindergarten and Florence Bilingual School can be summarised in three key words: Learn, discover, share.

We promote a passion for the discovery and sharing of knowledge within our educational community. We tackle problems with a multidisciplinary and experiential approach. Our goal is to guarantee high educational standards and equip pupils with the ability to face future challenges in a constantly evolving society both from a social and working point of view.

English is taught from the age of 3, by native speaking teachers only. English is in use more than 50% of the time in pre-school; one third of the weekly hours of the primary school and the middle school are taught in English. By High School, half the curriculum is taught in English.


Leonardo Amulfi

Leonardo Amulfi has been working in the Kindergarten, Bilingual School of Florence since 1998 and became Principal in 2003. Born in Florence, he studied Political Science at University.

Since 2009 he is the President of F.A.N., the Florence Nursery Federation. Since 2012 he is the President of the Regional Committee and member of the National Board of Directors of the A.N.I.N.S.E.I. association (National Association of Non-State Institutes of Education).

Entrepreneurial and driven, Leonardo has over 20 years of experience in school sector. Leonardo is highly empathic, full of contagious energy, focused on creating an engaging, stimulating and positive learning environment in order to guarantee the wellbeing of the students and of the staff.

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Ages Taught
1-18 yrs
CAIE, Italian Curriculum
Main Language
Bilingual (English/Italian)
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