FOUR-FOREST Bilingual International School, Maihofstrasse 95A, 6006 Luzern, Switzerland

+41 (0) 41 320 25 31

3-16 yrs
Swiss National Curriculum
Type of School
Day School
Main Language
Bilingual (German/English)


FOUR-FOREST Group consists of two international bilingual campuses in Luzern and Zug as well as LMS, a traditional Swiss school campus in Luzern.

FOUR-FOREST Bilingual International School campus is a private day school offering a high-quality bilingual education. Based on the curricula of the cantons of Luzern and Zug, teaching is delivered equally in German and English. Presently we offer, in all locations, a forest school, a 1st and 2nd kindergarten as well as all classes of the primary school age range. At our location in Luzern, we also offer a secondary school with grades 7-9 and an additional 10th grade. A secondary school opened at our campus in Zug in 2022.

The LMS campus follows the curriculum of the canton of Luzern, whilst additional curriculum content will be added where suitable in order to ensure a well-rounded education for all children. The wellbeing of every child lies at the heart of our philosophy. This belief also influences our pedagogical concept, and thus our daily actions. Since every child has different needs and different ways of working, we approach each pupil individually. It is therefore important for us to keep in close contact with parents and children, in order to understand their individual expectations and to offer optimal support where necessary. This approach allows us to ensure that we can prepare our students, in the best possible way, for the challenges of the future - be it in a secondary school or a professional apprenticeship.

James Stenning

Executive Principal

James Stenning took over as Executive Principal of FOUR-FOREST and ISZN in December 2023. He moved to Switzerland in late 2022, having previously been Head Teacher of North Bridge House Prep School in London. Following a degree in Economics, James worked in a number of different schools in London before joining North Bridge House. James was raised in Kenya, east Africa, and is an avid runner and triathlete.

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