Escola Villare

Bairro Santa Paula - São Caetano do Sul / SP
0-17 yrs
Brazilian Curriculum
Type of School
Day School
Bilingual (English/Portuguese), Portuguese


Throughout its history, Villare has achieved social recognition through the execution of a solid and comprehensive pedagogical project. The name choice stresses the idea of a school dedicated to building a learning community based on collectivity and the individual development of each student. Thus, our results are not the end, but the consequence of our choices, which make Villare the best school in São Caetano do Sul and ABC in academic indexes, a reference throughout the State of São Paulo.

Today, Villare’s choices echo the needs of parents and students. They are intrinsically connected to the identity the school strives for through the education it provides. This includes understanding human values as the basis for relationships; stimulating learning through multiple and varied opportunities; promoting research and scientific, philosophical and artistic activity; valuing expression, the use of speech and the appreciation of cultural values.

Ernani de Paula Soares

General Pedagogical Director

+44 (20) 76368444