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C/ Cólquide 14 – Las Rozas de Madrid

ABOUT Colegio Europeo de Madrid

The Colegio Europeo de Madrid has been providing high-quality education for children for the last 27 years, starting at the European Nursery School Bebín.

The Colegio Europeo de Madrid has developed an educational project that helps students to achieve their full potential not only academically but also as individuals and members of an ever-changing community.

The school’s 5 key pillars are Communication, Technology and Innovation, Languages, Entrepreneurship and Sports, backed by the values of respect, honesty, solidarity and tolerance.

In this school, each student is treated as an individual so that their own talents can be empowered. One of the school’s aims is for every student that leaves the school to know what he or she is good at. To achieve this, many activities and opportunities are offered, in which the pupils can be involved in different ways.

Since society is becoming increasingly global, languages and cultures form part of daily presentations and grammar classes, focused on speaking. Other activities offered to round our students’ development are Chess, Music, Judo, Fencing, Dancing, Robotics and Drama.

The school has a highly motivated and qualified teaching team and its facilities include modern laboratories, computer rooms, libraries, sports and arts facilities, radio and music rooms.


Emma Pérez Madorrán

Emma Perez Madorran is a teacher and an educational psychologist. She is a Master in Early Education, and in Neurophysiology Learning and management of schools.

Emma is also Speaker in National and International Congress and trainer’s trainer, as well as coordinator and author for educational materials for Spain and Spanish speaking countries.

Before joining the Colegio Europeo de Madrid Emma worked as a teacher and managed a psychomotricity centre in Barcelona.

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Ages Taught
0-18 yrs
Spanish Curriculum
Main Language
Bilingual (English/Spanish)
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