British School of Valencia

C/Filipinas, 37 46006 Valencia (Spain)

+34 96 374 29 30

2-18 yrs
English National Curriculum, IGCSEs
Main Language


The British School of Valencia (BSV) is a British teaching institution located in the centre of the city of Valencia, founded in 1992.

From the beginning it has sought to offer a distinct teaching model, basing its educational project on the two key pillars of respect and tolerance, where students continue their personal development during their time at school. In addition, it aims to ensure students’ consolidated learning in a foreign language from a very early age, responding to the growing demands of today’s society.

From its beginnings, the BSV has pursued a teaching strategy which strives to offer students an excellent academic background and a well-rounded education that will be useful to them in adult life. Based on the British education model, its teaching aims to strengthen the cultural ties between Britain and Spain, encouraging the integration of students and motivating and stimulating them at both an academic and personal level.

Flor Medina

Acting Headteacher

With more than 30 years of experience in education at Early Years, Primary, Secondary and University level, Flor Medina has been linked to BSV since 1998 in every teaching role throughout the school. Since 2019, when BSV joined Cognita Schools, she has been Deputy Head and Safeguarding Lead.

+44 (20) 76368444