Global Be Well Day

Spotlight on wellbeing

Global Be Well Day (GBWD) is a very special annual event in the Cognita calendar when our schools collapse the curriculum for one day in September to focus on and celebrate the importance of Wellbeing. It provides a unique opportunity for schools to connect with each other through a range of Wellbeing activities based around our Be Well Charter.

The Be Well Charter provides a clear definition of Wellbeing and outlines the main contributors to it, based on scientific research. By appreciating that sleep, diet, exercise, connecting, doing and giving are integral to maintaining good physical and mental health, students can begin to analyse these contributors and identify which might not play a prominent enough part in their lives. It is crucial that students understand that achieving optimum Wellbeing is something within their control and that healthy habits around Wellbeing are best formed in youth.

GBWD gives that extended opportunity to focus on these contributors and brings the whole school and Cognita community together. It is that unified and consistent message that is so powerful for students. The actions mirror the words – that Wellbeing is a priority.

You can see highlights of all the amazing activities that took place on GBWD 2022 in this video (right).

Highlights from our schools

The variety of wellbeing activities on Global Be Well Day always truly reflects the global diversity that is core to our identity.

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