Cognita’s values underpin our vision of enriching the lives of children to achieve more than they believe they can.

Our values help shape our culture, the behaviours of those individuals who choose to work with us and our behaviour as an organisation.

Our values also underpin how we recruit and support our staff with regard to professional development and learning and, as such, positively contribute to our objective of being an employer of choice.




We aspire to achieve excellence in everything we do, no matter how big or small.

We have high expectations and do not tolerate mediocrity. We recruit our people for their expertise, experience, attitude and love of the teaching vocation. We seek, celebrate and champion excellence wherever it exists, and continually strive for improvement in all aspects of our standards, service and customer experience.


Together, we are more aligned and more effective.

Collaboration is fundamental to our success; we understand and value each other’s roles and this is the key to our approach. Our constant dialogue, sharing of insights, processes and best practice results in the best possible shared and individual outcomes. This collaboration embraces close partnerships with parents with the ambition of realising their own hopes for the success, happiness and wellbeing of their children.


We treat all with fairness, compassion and respect.

We celebrate diversity, recognising that people with different cultures, experiences and outlooks contribute to the development and enrichment of both our students and employees. We also believe that diversity makes us a stronger and more effective organisation. We are aware of, respect and encourage the needs of our students, the wants and aspirations of parents and the ambitions of our employees.


We do what we say we will do.

We are consistent in our actions, values and principles and conduct ourselves with integrity. We are reflective of our own behaviours and constantly try to improve them, however good we believe they already are. This ethos extends to our employees, students, parents, other stakeholders and the wider community.


We have a clear sense of what is expected of us and we do our utmost to deliver, taking our responsibilities as educators seriously.

Duty of care to our students is paramount. We are held and hold ourselves accountable for setting and achieving the highest standards. We choose to give nothing less than our best through our unswerving pursuits of excellence, continuously evaluating and improving our performance and never accepting, but always challenging, the status quo.

Cross-country Collaboration

Manquecura Valle Lo Campino School, where Maria Isabel Marchant has been a teacher since 2004, became part of the Cognita family in 2013. She travelled to Europe for Cognita’s Awards for Excellence that same year and learned more about the worldwide Group and what we stand for. “I met with Cognita teachers from around the world and visited schools in two different cities, learning new methodologies and sharing pedagogic experience. Back in Chile, I had the satisfaction of being appointed my school’s English Coordinator, which means I can transfer my experiences and knowledge to our teachers here in the school.

“I feel very proud to belong to this important company which recognises excellence. Cognita is making an important contribution to Chilean Education through innovation in the teaching of English language. It is a meaningful hallmark for our Pumahue and Manquecura schools. “I love my profession – I don’t think I could do another job. The way I see it is, I take my students’ hands and take them to an amazing, sometimes unknown world, which is learning English, and it’s a process that never stops. Being a teacher means passion, motivation. It means making the difference between ‘to be or not to be,’ to give up or keep on going.”

Feeling Valued & Supported

Soledad Pina Molina is Head of Infant and Primary School at El Limonar International School in Spain. Soledad was already working for El Limonar when Cognita became owner in 2008. “I began working at El Limonar in Torrevieja in September 2000 as a Spanish teacher for Infants and Lower Primary students. The Board of Management offered me the opportunity to develop my career by taking on more responsibilities.

“At the moment I carry out two different roles. As a teacher, I teach Spanish language and culture in years 6, 7 and 8. I am also a Year 7 class tutor and this involves closer contact with the year group and their families. My second role is Head of Primary and Early years. This means being responsible for all aspects of leadership and day-to-day management of the Primary and Infant departments, leading staff and students in a culture of respect, dignity, equality and excellence. “My role allows me to forge strong relationships with everyone in the El Limonar community: students, parents and staff. It is a wonderful experience to collaborate with families in order to build a better future for our students. “Becoming part of Cognita in 2008 has really helped the professional development of our staff. I have always felt valued and supported by Cognita. It is a very respectful and enriching relationship, with the opportunity to network with many colleagues from different schools across the group.”

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