Our Leadership

Cognita Leadership

Headquartered in the UK, Cognita has a regional structure to support our diverse and growing family of schools around the world. Between them, our schools deliver a wide range of internationally renowned curricula, including the International Baccalaureate as well as the national curricula of Australia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, India, Mexico, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, the UK, USA and Vietnam.

To manage this diversity, we have Chief Executives in each region who, supported by their respective teams of professional experts, provide leadership and accountability for outcomes in their schools. Included in this structure is an education leader for each region.

Dr Frank Maassen

Group Chief Executive Officer

Andreas Tolpeit

Group Chief Financial Officer

Dr Simon Camby

Group Chief Education Officer

Jayne Pinchbeck

Group Legal Director

Andy Hancock

Director of Education, Asia

Luiza Sassi

Director of Education, Brazil

Marcos Barros Vallejos

Director of Education, Chile

Nicola Lambros

Director of Education, Europe

Ian Wallace

Director of Education, Middle East

Sameer Aggarwal

Chief Executive Officer, Asia

Michael Drake

Chief Executive Officer, Europe & North America

Josep Caubet

Chief Executive Officer, Latin America

David Baldwin

Chief Executive Officer, Middle East

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