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Global horizons

Our global family provides a platform for continual exchange of ideas and inspiration, creating a vibrant culture of limitless possibility for our students and educators. We are developing new ways all the time to connect the people within our global community in order to deepen learning and build global perspective for everyone. The global diversity at the heart of Cognita fuels our innovation. We take our best and share it, so we all can improve.

Bilingual education

Drawing on Cognita’s English language expertise in Brazil and Spain, our schools in Chile have developed innovative programmes of bilingual study to create new opportunities for students. The students in our Chilean schools were already learning English as an additional language to a high level – quite a unique offering in itself – but we went a step further by developing streams of genuine bilingual education. In the collaborative spirit of Cognita, teachers in Chile are now sharing their expertise with colleagues in Asia where we offer bilingual programmes in Mandarin and Spanish.

Global collaboration

Connecting and collaborating with peers across the Cognita world enriches our students’ learning and builds their global perspective. Through global school exchanges and joint expeditions involving students from across the Cognita world, broadening horizons is central to a Cognita education. Discover our educators’ views on a recent Chile-UK student exchange in this video.

Exchanging inspiration

We use our global platform to discover, learn and achieve together. Discover some of our recent highlights.

Views on global education

At the UK Festival of Education 2019, our Education Director sat down with Graham Watts, Director of Professional Learning at the Association of International Schools in Africa, to discuss working internationally and the value of a global perspective in schools.

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Sharing a story

With the theme of ‘Share a Story’, World Book Day inspired our Head of English at Colchester High School to invite groups of students from across the Cognita world to collaborate on an original story. Each class wrote a section then shared it with a school in a different part of the world to continue. Contributions came from as far and wide as the UK, Hong Kong, Spain and Thailand.

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Lighting Up Learning

Cognita schools in Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, Brazil, UK, Chile, Spain and Singapore took part in a global event and donated some 2,500 solar lights to children living in energy poverty.

During the ‘Light Up Learning’ day, Cognita students took part in activities to support their learning about energy poverty, assembled their solar light kits and wrote letters to the children who will receive their lights.

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Multi-school Skype day

Connecting classrooms using digital technology allows our students all over the world to experience different school environments and learn about other countries and cultures from their peers. #CognitaCalling, our second global Skype day, connected over 100 classrooms in 34 Cognita schools across 8 countries.



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Christmas Around the World

December 2018 saw 47 Cognita schools connect to celebrate ‘Christmas Around the World’.

Through completing festive tasks including designing and sending Christmas cards and sending messages to their international peers, students learnt about Christmas traditions in different countries and were able to appreciate the wider community they are part of.

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Global pen pals

Cognita students from Singapore and the UK were able to make new friends in another part of the world thanks to a pen pal partnership. After receiving letters from Colchester High School in the UK, each child at Australian International School selected a pen pal and discovered the thrill of putting pen to paper to establish a global friendship.

Mission Inspire

Schools from across the Cognita family embraced World Space Week 2018 by collaborating together on project ‘Mission Inspire’.

Led by the STEMinn team at Stamford American – Hong Kong, some 15 schools from across Europe, Asia and Latin America got involved by running activities and outreach events to excite and educate their students about space and space exploration. These included mobile planetariums, virtual reality experiences, rocket launches, global Flipgrid discussions and guest speakers.

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