character development

Beyond academics

A Cognita education is about much more than academics. Equally important is equipping young people with the confidence and resourcefulness that prepares them to grow, thrive and find their success in a fast-changing world. That’s why education extends far beyond the classroom in our schools.

Our educators work hard to incorporate stretching trips, excursions and other programmes in order to build critical life skills and broaden the educational experience of all our students. This commitment to developing character carries through to our related programmes for children offered by Camp Asia, Ardmore Language Schools and, in the UK, Bushcraft and Super Camps.


Building self-belief

Preparing young people for future success is a common aim for all our schools. View these videos for more on how we do this.

Camps & Outdoor Provision

Camp Asia

Camp Asia

Operating in Singapore, Camp Asia offers action- and fun-packed Saturday programmes and holiday camps for children aged 3 – 16. Led by excellent staff skilled in the area they teach, Camp Asia activities use world-class venues, including Cognita’s own Stamford American International School and the Australian International School.


Bushcraft offers residential school trips in the UK with a difference, taking students aged 7 to 18 into the wild and giving them back-to-nature experiences. Whether they are cooking river trout over an open fire, building shelters to sleep in or learning how to navigate through dense woodland, Bushcraft outdoor adventures are as real as you can get.

Super Camps

Super Camps offers a wide range of activity and skills development programmes across the UK during the school holidays for children aged 3 – 14. Run at over 80 fantastic schools, many of which are part of the Cognita group, Super Camps provide activities catering to all tastes, from bushcraft to cooking.

Ardmore Language Schools

Lessons in our residential and homestay centres include plenty of opportunities for students to use language and build their knowledge and confidence in English. This is further enforced outside the classrooms during activities, cultural visits and specialist sports courses.

Cuffley Camp

Opened in May 2019, Cuffley Camp, our 96-acre outdoor learning centre in Hertfordshire, takes students off the grid and truly immerses them in the natural world. Teamwork, resilience, self-confidence – students develop critical lifelong skills through programmes at Cuffley designed to educate and inspire.

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