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Beyond academics

A Cognita education is about much more than academics. Equally important is equipping young people with the confidence and resourcefulness that prepares them to grow, thrive and find their success in a fast-changing world. That’s why education extends far beyond the classroom in our schools.

Our educators work hard to incorporate stretching trips, excursions and other programmes in order to build critical life skills and broaden the educational experience of all our students.


Active learning

Our commitment to developing character is supported in Europe by the Active Learning Group, a division of Cognita specialising in experiential learning and supporting the development of essential skills that students can take forward into higher education and their future world of work.

Such expertise carries through to our related programmes for children in Asia offered by Camp Asia, also part of the Cognita group. 

Active learning at Cuffley

Learning beyond the classroom

Camp Asia

Camp Asia

Camp Asia in Singapore provides an array of exciting, activity-based camps during school holidays. This year they had over 6,000 attendees to the 23 camps which is the highest ever recorded! Led by a highly engaged team who work with world-class partners, the camps utilise Stamford American International School and the Australian International School. Camps include robotics, football, drones and Super Chef. Camp Asia is now looking to expand throughout the region. Exciting times!

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The Bushcraft Company

The Bushcraft Company offers residential school trips in the UK with a difference, taking, to date, over 35,000 students aged 718 into the wild and giving them back-to-nature experiences. Whether activities involve cooking salmon over an open fire, building shelters to sleep in or learning how to navigate through dense woodland, our bushcraft outdoor adventures are as real as you can get. 

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SuperCamps offer a wide range of activity and skills development programmes across the UK during the school holidays for children aged 3-14. Run at over 40 fantastic schools, many of which are part of the Cognita group, SuperCamps provide engaging camps that keep children stimulated throughout the holiday periods. As well as their Multi-Activity Camps, SuperCamps also provide a range of exciting, high-quality Specialist Courses working in partnership with The LEGO Group, Chelsea FC and Rise Cookery School. 

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Ardmore Language Schools

Lessons in our UK and US residential and homestay centres include plenty of opportunities for students to use language and build their knowledge and confidence in English. This is further enforced outside the classroom during activities, cultural visits and specialist sports courses, including via Ardmore’s sister brands. Ardmore supports children across our global family of schools. 

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Active Learning Centres

Across three unique environments of woodlands (Cuffley), coast (Sealyham) and mountains (The Towers), Active Learning Centres are dedicated to helping students develop essential skills and character and promote wellbeing through a progressive, age-appropriate outdoor learning journey.

Active Learning Centres provide a permanent outdoors classroom for our schools, taking students off the grid and truly immersing them in the natural world with fun, educational and hands-on day and residential school trips. Available for wide use by all of our UK schools, accommodation ranges from bell tents, a glamping pod village and built dormitory-style rooms. Each centre serves fresh, high quality food using locally sourced ingredients. Teamwork, resilience, confidence – students develop lifelong skills through programmes designed to educate, inspire and facilitate improved wellbeing.

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Active Learning Days

Fun-filled team building activities hosted at our individual schools are also part of our outdoor learning offerings in the UK. Run by the experienced team at Active Learning Group, challenges and activities are tailored to age groups to ensure progression, with programmes designed to suit all needs, from year group inductions, to leadership, to prefect training.  

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Building self-belief

Preparing young people for future success is a common aim for all our schools. View these videos for more on how we do this.

'Sport for All' at Downsend School

From supporting budding athletes through an elite pathway to providing all pupils with the opportunity to represent their school through competition, the aim is the same: tsupport wellbeing and develop character and resilience that comes through participation in sport.  

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Inspiring Futures for pandemic-struck teens

With no examinations for Year 11 and 13 students in the UK due to the coronavirus pandemic, the long summer term was at risk of lacking motivation. The team at Akeley Wood School, however, took this potentially devastating turn of events and created an enriching new programme to give students purpose.

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