Colégio Maxi, Londrina, Brazil

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Telephone: +43 3372 5555

Av. Duque de Caxias, 1589 - Petrópolis, Londrina - PR, 86015-000
Av. Maringá, 1700 - Vitoria, Londrina - PR, 86060-000

ABOUT Colégio Maxi, Londrina, Brazil

Colégio Maxi was founded in July 1986 by a group of local teachers. At that time, there were two schools in one location: Colégio Positivo (from Pre-School to Elementary School), and Colégio Maxi ( Prep School and High School), using teaching materials prepared by the teachers themselves. The success was great, and the people of the region welcomed the new school with enthusiasm, as it was a genuine venture of the city.

In 1988, the two schools combined, creating Colégio Maxi, a school for 3 – 18 years olds.

In 1998, Colégio Maxi began to make its own teaching materials, for use in schools all over Brazil. This was the beginning of the ‘Maxi Education System’. In 2011, with the growth in educational technology and to meet market demand, a search for new partnerships began. And through the sale of Maxiprint to Abril Educação, the school entered into a partnership, becoming pedagogical laboratories and a reference school for the state of Paraná. Maxi College was the first college to implement the program ‘The Leader in Me’ in Londrina. In addition to the many awards won over the years, Colégio Maxi, in 2012, presented to the community of Londrina the bilingual program Maxi High School, teaching without borders.



Athos Aramis Pinto Guedes
Head Teacher

Athos Aramis Pinto Guedes is an educator with 49 years of educational experience, with practice in managing educational results and relationships with parents, teachers and students. He is currently Pedagogical Director of Colégio Maxi and Colégio NEODNA in Londrina.

He was a Mathematics teacher until 2001 and since held various management positions, including Director General of IEEL (State Educational Institute from Londrina), General Director of the ITA MEDICINA course at Isaac Newton School of Cuiabá/MT, Pedagogical Director of the Colégio Maxi in Cuiabá/MT, Pedagogical Director of NEODNA College in Cuiabá/MT, was a member of the Board of Education of the State of Mato Grosso.

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3-18 yrs
Brazilian Curriculum
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Day School
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