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ABOUT Colchester High School, Colchester, UK

Colchester High is Colchester’s only independent school for students aged 2.5-16 years. We pride ourselves on
our ability to provide a friendly, supportive and academic environment in which children are happy, valued as individuals and are offered both learning and extra-curricular challenges which will inspire them to achieve.

Students achieve outstanding academic results at GCSE level thanks to the small class sizes, experienced and professional teachers and strong pastoral support. Colchester High School has a strong focus on the individual child and the achievement of their academic potential whilst also becoming a happy, confident, interested, responsible and caring member of the school.

Colchester High School offers a broad curriculum throughout the school, balancing academic learning with a wide range of stimulating activities, including sports, drama and music.

“Pupils are well educated.  They work enthusiastically, listen attentively and are articulate.  They achieve well in relation to their starting points.”

“Learning experiences are enriched by a good range of extra-curricular activities and visits.”

“Pupils’ personal development is outstanding.  This is reflected in their considerable confidence, self-awareness and sense of self-esteem.”

“Pupils benefit greatly from the school’s excellent pastoral care.”

Independent Schools Inspectorate, 2010

In 2015:

  • Early Years  – 77% of pupils made a “good level of development” at the end of the Early Years Foundation Stage versus 60% nationally.
  • Lower School – 5 of our Year 6 pupils were awarded Scholarships to our own Senior School and 5 were successful in gaining entry to local grammar schools.  52% of pupils at the end of Year 6 attained an overall  teacher assessment of Level 5 or higher in both Maths and English.
  • GCSE – Staff and pupils at Colchester High School celebrated another year of excellent GCSE results. 83% of the pupils gained 5 or more A* to C grades, with 75% of them including Maths and English.  Overall, 30% of all Colchester High School grades were either A* or A outperforming UK attainment of 21.2% in this grade range.


Karen Gracie-Langrick

Karen has over 25 years' experience of working in education, most recently as Deputy Head at Leighton Park School. She believes that good quality education has the power to change the lives of all individuals. Karen is passionate about building brighter futures for all children and to develop the qualities in young people that will help them to reach their greatest potential: to have the strength of character to become the global change-makers of the future. Through an enriching and forward thinking curriculum that is focused on delivering academic excellence, developing character and nurturing a global perspective, she looks forward to helping pupils reach their full potential and improve the world for those around them.

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