Why is handwriting still so important in this day and age?

The sense of pride in writing created by hand can be instilled in children from a young age, says Warren Honey, Headmaster of Hydesville Tower School in the UK.

There’s a genuine sense of allowing children to explore and appreciate writing letters at Hydesville Tower School. Nursery children are given a letter of the week to form in creative ways, using finger painting, sand or marker pens on paper.

The school maintains a focus on handwriting throughout the years, from dedicated handwriting classes in the prep school to a calligraphy club offered to the older groups. Illegible handwriting has an impact in terms of ability to proof read, self-regulate and understand their own thinking and ideas. It also makes it difficult to self-assess if children are struggling to identify what’s been written.

We have created “the pen licence” in our school. It allows younger children to move from using a pencil to pen once they’ve reached a certain standard. There’s a lot of excitement about reaching that pen licence stage. There’s an idea of wanting to create something that’s beautiful in its own form.

Having a goal to work towards helps pupils appreciate the importance of the skill. A lot of the work that’s done will be based around good quality pen or pencil and paper work, because we need children to explore and make mistakes and start again – any emphasis on handwriting allows that to be a natural part of what’s going on in the classroom.

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