Wellbeing tips for teachers, by teachers

Wellbeing tips

Wellbeing and good mental health are fundamental to the daily practice of our schools. We asked colleagues across our Cognita family of schools, “What one wellbeing tip would you give your fellow educators?” Here is their advice:

The PE & Sports department at The British School of Barcelona, Castelldefels in Spain recommends: “7 minutes of high-intensity physical activity every day. This not only helps you feel great but will keep you looking great!”

Brendan Pavey, Head Teacher at North Bridge House Senior Hampstead in the UK, shares the final piece of advice given to him at the end of his teacher training: “Accept you can never get to the bottom of your ‘to do’ list and you can never prepare the perfect lesson.”

Rebekah Sampson, Head of Early Years at PlayPen Bilingual Education in Brazil, suggests: Read a book that has nothing to do with your profession, especially a novel. Taking your mind off work and diving into a different world truly helps!”

Craig Kemp, Head of Educational Technology at Stamford American International School in Singapore, says: “I genuinely believe that laughter is the best medicine. Relax and laugh with your colleagues!” You can find more wellbeing tips from Craig in his article, here.

Finally, Jose Martinez Vicente, Director Técnico Educativo at El Limonar International School, Villamartín in Spain, advises: “Grab a coffee and get out of the school site at lunchtime at least for 10 minutes! Walk and have a colleague or two to go out with you.”

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