How to encourage healthy lifestyle habits in children and young people

You cannot expect your child to always be happy but, as Beth Kerr, Cognita Global Director of Wellbeing, explains, there…

 Posted 1 week ago
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Flexible working: could all teachers work a four-day week?

School working patterns are anachronistic, inflexible and in urgent need of reform, says Jonathan Taylor, Principal of International School-Zurich North,…

 Posted 1 month ago
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Why student sleep should be higher up on the agenda

Beth Kerr, Cognita Global Director of Wellbeing reflects on an often forgotten aspect of learning – its connection with adequate…

 Posted 2 months ago
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Can a school mobile phone ban really improve wellbeing?

“No phone, no problem – this is the general feeling at school since we implemented a no-phone-policy at the start…

 Posted 3 months ago
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How to ensure students are stretched rather than stressed

Danuta Tomasz, Director of Education, UK, at Cognita warns against taking ‘no pain, no gain’ too far when it comes…

 Posted 5 months ago
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Does social media have an impact on student wellbeing?

Many parents and teachers have concerns about the mental health and wellbeing of young people, particularly teenagers. There’s one big…

 Posted 7 months ago
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