How technology is creating more independent learners

As Cognita rolls out AI across its classrooms in Europe, Sabrina Espasandin, Digital Learning Advisor for Cognita, explores the fundamental difference…

 Posted 7 days ago
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Microsoft takes an in-depth look at EdTech in Cognita

Cognita is proud to feature as a Microsoft case study on harnessing technology to help children achieve their best –…

 Posted 3 weeks ago
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Inspiring Futures for pandemic-struck teens

5pm, 18th March 2020: The Prime Minister’s latest address on the Coronavirus pandemic, with now frighteningly familiar updates on transmission…

 Posted 1 month ago
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How to create a ‘Culture of Happiness’ at a large international school

When Clare Johnstone and I took over the elementary division at Stamford American International School, one of the first things…

 Posted 2 months ago
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