The smartphone dilemma

Bill Hanrahan, a technology education coach and social studies teacher at International School Ho Chi Minh City – American Academy in Vietnam discusses the smartphone dilemma at home and in the classroom.

Technology in the classroom is sometimes seen as the future of learning. Being a technology education coach and social studies teacher I get to see the grass on both sides of the fence. I can assure you my beliefs are to use technology to improve traditional learning, not replace it. One problem that came across my desk regarded which app to use to get kids to record their homework. Different teachers have different techniques. Our Virtual Learning Environment also had its own method. Sometimes big problems require simple solutions. The best and easiest way for children to write down their homework is to write down their homework. Writing is still a skill we need to utilize. When batteries die, connections don’t work, computers fail or data runs out, a simple pen and paper gets the job done. Additionally, a piece of paper or a journal won’t vibrate to let you know someone liked your photo. Each time our children check a message on their phone a little bit of dopamine is released into their brains. As a result, we are constantly checking to get that feeling.

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