Man vs machine: the future of technology in education

In a series of articles for Education Post, Malcolm Kay, Superintendent of Stamford American School Hong Kong looks at innovation in education and preparing students for a technology-filled future.

In a recent PwC survey of 5,000 people across 22 countries, 79 per cent believe technology will cause job losses over the next five years. Schools must consider this if they are to prepare students for success in an increasingly technology-based world.

Education must focus on pedagogies that develop young and older minds to think in ways that involve analysis, synthesis, evaluation and most of all creativity. We go full circle when we recognise that creators of the machines that are making humans redundant had to be innovative and entrepreneurial in the way they thought. Therefore, it is the responsibility of schools to teach students to practice and teach innovative thought.

Innovation is at the heart of Stamford American School. Every child from Pre-Primary throughout the school gets five periods of instruction in science and innovation each week. We expect them to understand and develop intellectual property and to know how to file patents. How else could they be prepared for a world that will require such skills at a premium?

You can read Malcolm Kay’s articles about technology in education in full on the Education Post website.

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