The new GCSEs aren’t about cramming knowledge – they’re about having fun with the subject

The introduction of more rigorous GCSEs has understandably been challenging for teachers. But if they try to teach them in the same way as the old exams, they risk not only doing a disservice to their students but also short-changing themselves, argues Danuta Tomasz, Assistant Director of Education, Europe for Cognita.

For the past two or three years secondary teachers in England have been grappling with the logistical and mental challenge of introducing the new, linear GCSEs. This has not been easy. The revamped curriculum has been deliberately designed to raise the bar. It asks far more of students – and their teachers.

The beauty of it is that the new curriculum has the potential to be much more enjoyable to teach. I appreciate that, after the stresses involved in bringing this particular horse to water, joy isn’t the emotion uppermost in teachers’ minds. But once the curriculum beds down the opportunities it offers, the chance it gives to connect with the subjects we love should become more apparent.

You can read the full article on the Schools Week website: Linear GCSEs aren’t about cramming knowledge

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