Why good manners are essential in the 21st century

Cumnor House School and Nursery, part of the Cognita group of schools

Daniel Cummings, Headmaster of Cumnor School for Boys, a Cogina schoolOnly if we model good manners can we be sure that children will aspire to be the inspiring leaders and considerate colleagues we all want them to grow up to be, says Daniel Cummings, Headmaster of Cumnor House School for Boys in the UK. 

A few years ago, teachers at a school in Kent became so concerned about standards of courtesy among children that they started teaching formal lessons in manners. It received plaudits from some and scorn from others, who thought the exercise was outmoded.

I believe good manners are as essential to the 21st century as they were to the 19th – and there is a very simple reason why. Good manners are based not on social conformity but on basic morals and at their core is mutual respect. Every age, every generation needs to teach its children respect; that they should treat others as they expect to be treated themselves.

When so much is asked of schools, manners may be dismissed as tangential to teaching or as a task better entrusted to parents. But can any teacher imagine a well-functioning classroom that doesn’t model good manners?

You can read the full article by Daniel Cummings on Common courtesy isn’t a rarity at Cumnor House

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