From Glastonbury Festival to the school ICT suite – how teachers’ passions inspire students

Lucy Kitt, a Cognita teacher at Oakfields Montessori School in EssexRegardless of how tenuous the link, when teachers bring their own passions into the classroom, they can inspire students in unexpected ways. Lucy Kitt, ICT Coordinator at Oakfields Montessori School in the UK explains how her performance at Glastonbury Festival 2017 has nurtured a new appreciation for personalised learning in her students.

Having spent the past 10 years promoting and performing my own songs as an unsigned singer-songwriter, playing on the Acoustic Stage at Glastonbury 2017 was a magic moment in my music career. My passion for song writing and playing the guitar has been a huge part of my identity as a teacher at Oakfields Montessori School, and it has been wonderful to share this dream of mine with the pupils, and the wider Cognita community.

In sharing our own passions with the children that we teach, we become ambassadors for individualised learning, demonstrating that there can be a personal success in life for every child and there isn’t just one ‘right’ path to follow. Encouraging pupils to pursue what they love and enjoy is integral to education, and as teachers we can personify the message that dreams can be reached and realised.

Our Oakfields students are continuously inspired by the creative and talented staff at our school, and as staff we are committed to the Cognita ethos of developing a wide range of extracurricular activities to enhance and enrich their education. While my primary role at Oakfields is as its ICT Coordinator, my passion for song writing and music is demonstrated with guitar sing along sessions at our weekly assembly, as well as ‘song time’ for Early Years and a ‘Jam Club’ rock and pop music making session. Having the opportunity to share my enthusiasm for music adds another dimension to my teaching practice, and seeing the children develop an interest in guitar and song writing over the years at Oakfields has been fantastic.

Yes, it’s true, you can rock the stage of Glastonbury and still be a Primary School teacher. Having the chance to share this message of inspiration with my students has made for an exciting year and I hope that my Glastonbury performance has shown them that anything is possible, if they believe that they can achieve beyond all limits and expectations.

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