Facing the facts – why mental health must not be ignored

The Institute for Public Policy Research has recently released its findings into the extent of mental health concerns in young adults. Warren Honey, Headmaster at Hydesville Tower School in the UK, addresses how schools and parents can help.

As a school and as parents, we cannot isolate our children from all negative stories or events: it does not prepare them to stand on their own two feet and make their way in the world as decent citizens. Nor can we eradicate all of the pressures and concerns, many of which are as internally driven as passed to them by the attitudes of society or their peers.

Instead, we must all give children the stable and supportive environments where they can grow up with confidence. In our school we use tutor sessions and PSHE lessons to encourage children to share any concerns openly, and for reassurance to be found in having others with similar views.

Some children need more support than others so, if needed, we assign mentors to those who require extra emotional support. Our Pastoral Managers work closely with children who may be causing concern and our individualised care of every child means that we are alerted to any changes in emotional wellbeing.

You can read the full article on the Edquarter website in Mr Honey’s article, Facing the Facts.

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