Can an app tell us how we feel?

Jorge Calvo Martin, IT Manager and Leader of Digital Technology Projects at Colegio Europeo de Madrid in Spain, has created a brand-new app using artificial intelligence to analyse the emotions of a face.

The Facefeeling app is designed to be used in a classroom setting to help students develop their emotional awareness, especially through art. Students can choose a piece of artwork or a picture of a character, then analyse the potential feelings of that character by looking at the emotion percentages shown on the app. Students also particularly enjoy taking pictures of themselves, imitating the expression of their character to try and create a match, further nurturing their own emotional intelligence.

In an inspiring example of global collaboration between our educators, Jorge worked with Miguel Torres, Spanish teacher and Head of ICT at Duncombe School in the UK, and other Cognita colleagues during the development of the app and these teachers provided feedback to help the project grow. Cognita colleagues are now starting to use the Facefeeling app in their own classrooms around the world.

Jorge recently presented his app to the Microsoft team at their Head Office in Spain.


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