Whether at home or abroad, few jobs offer the same satisfaction as teaching

Thomas Slack, Teacher of Computing & Key Stage 3 Coordinator at The English Montessori School in Spain, reflects on why […]

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Yoga in the classroom: fad or a new fundamental?

Cultivating mindfulness in schools has received a great deal of attention worldwide due to its association with improved psychological well-being […]

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Using technology to improve our craft. An introduction to micro-teaching

“Every teacher needs to improve, not because they are not good enough, but because they can be even better”, said […]

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Should you give your curriculum some fresh air?

Over the years, several studies have revealed the benefit – even necessity – of spending time outdoors and when the […]

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Why good manners are essential in the 21st century

Only if we model good manners can we be sure that children will aspire to be the inspiring leaders and […]

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Moving away from ability grouping

All Cognita schools are different, reflecting the needs of the families and communities they serve. We encourage our educators to […]

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Why should anyone learn a foreign language?

Amy Melton, Grade 1 teacher at the International School Saigon Pearl (ISSP) in Vietnam, shares her experience of working with […]

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How can teachers nurture “thinking”?

Elenice Lobo, Educational Director at PlayPen Bilingual Education in Brazil, examines the ways in which teachers can help their students develop […]

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Facing the facts – why mental health must not be ignored

The Institute for Public Policy Research has recently released its findings into the extent of mental health concerns in young […]

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Why I love noisy classrooms

Research shows that children are most successful when teachers talk less, but the myth that a noisy classroom is an […]

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